The Eco Period Kit

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Take a break from RED, choose #greenperiodcleanperiod.

The EcoPeriodKit is your green alternative to menstrual hygiene.

The kit contains three natural products for you to try.

Let’s meet them.

Inside the Kit

Organic Sanitary Napkins


I am as safe as safe can be. I love Mother Earth and am made of bamboo and corn. Dispose me and I start decomposing in 6 months. You won’t miss your regular sanitary pad when you use me.

In the Eco Period Kit: 14

Custom-made cloth pads


Yes, I am back from the yesteryears. And with vengeance! Use me, wash me, dry me and I can be with you for as long as 6 months. Imagine how much money you can save! And I love Mother Earth. Yeah, you’ll have a bit of trouble washing me, but I care for your body.

In the Eco Period Kit: 3

One Silicone Menstrual Cup


You don’t know me much yet, but I can be your best friend for almost 10 years. With me, your period will be as good as no period. No foul smell, no leaking, I ensure that you play, jump and enjoy without worry. Try me. Trust me, Ms. V will be very happy.

In the Eco Period Kit: 1

It takes between 1-3 cycles to get comfortable with cup & cloth pad. The napkins will help you through this so you don’t have to go back to a regular sanitary pad. We mean when we say #greenperiodcleanperiod


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As a responsible modern woman, you must know that


About the Eco Period Kit team

We wish to spread awareness about the extent of harm caused by regular non-biodegradable sanitary napkins and menstrual garbage on earth.

The earth’s gain is OUR gain, including yours.

We want as many women to give up non-biodegradable sanitary napkins as we can.

That’s our gain.

As champions of change - the women of today, you and I, owe it to the community and our planet, to switch over to alternatives that aid in sustainable menstruation.

Join us, join our campaign and make the shift to #ecoperiodkit as soon as possible.


Be the Wonder Women our Earth needs.

Choose #greenperiodcleanperiod


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