Who is Grow. Share. Sustain.?

Grow. Share. Sustain. is a green alternative corporate gifting company. We have helped Ola and other brands choose green alternatives for corporate gifting. We stand for #shopsustainability.

What is this campaign about?

With Paint Periods Green campaign, we want to address the issue of sustainability in menstrual hygiene. Specifically, we want to challenge the regular disposable sanitary pad which takes over 500 years to degrade. We urge urban women to try eco-friendly alternatives to the regular sanitary pad. Our inspiration - https://www.greenthered.in/

Why can’t I buy these items separately?

The intent of this campaign is to spread awareness about eco-friendly alternatives to regular sanitary pads. Therefore, we want urban women to try most regular alternatives once before arriving on which are the ones that you will use.

Why is the overall price of the Eco Period Kit more than the combined cost of the products available online?

We have procured products from brands and manufacturers based on a combination of affordability, quality and availability. Besides the cost of these products, there are operational costs involved in bringing this campaign alive, kit packaging and shipping via India Post. Additionally, we have earmarked a percentage of the profit to go towards menstrual health education of girl children and women in rural areas.

Why does the kit have so many natural napkins, lesser number of cloth pads and only one cup?

We understand that cloth pad and cup will take a few uses before women get comfortable with them. It’s for this reason there are many natural napkins to help women not go back to regular sanitary pads during the trial phase.